1990 Electra Glide not run in 6 years

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    New to the site. Have a good friend whose husband passed away and his 1990Electra Glide Classic was stored 6 years ago and has not been run since. Looking for information on what steps I need to take to get it running specifically oiling the engine up before trying to start it. battery was removed tank drained, on Res. there are some leaks and but that can be dealt with later. Any information on this would be great. not sure where to go with this one.

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    Pull the plugs and shoot some oil down the cylinders, put a battery in and turn over without the plugs. If it turns freely you're on the road to getting it running. I wouldn't be surprised if the carb needs a rebuild but you can see if she fires with fresh gas and a couple oz of seafoam. If it fires and runs I'd change the fluids right away.
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    Gaskets,seals and O rings dry out over time and may be the source of the leaks. Some may stop after some lubrication once started but I wouldn't bet on it.

    Getting it to fire is job 1 and the rest can be dealt with later. I forgot to mention in my 1st post you may have to prime the carb to get it to fire and a new set of plugs wouldn't hurt. Good luck and keep us posted.
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    One of the most important considerations before riding it on the road is the conditions of the brakes and tires.

    For the brakes, pump out the old fluid through a clear plastic tube connected to the bleeder valve into a clear glass jar. Start with a little clean brake fluid in the jar and pump out 200% volume of the reservoir, lines and caliper. You should get some pretty nasty stuff out at first. Once it is clean, pump out at least that volume again (like I said, should be at least a 200% flush). Do this for both front and rear systems.

    On the tires, you should probably just replace them. But at least inspect the outside of the tires for signs of dry rot. The problem is that you may not see a problem from the outside of the tires.

    Replace the fluids and flush out the tank and lines of the fuel system. Rebuild the carb making sure you chase all the ports with carb spray. Inspect the diaphram of the accelerator pump and the slider carefully to make sure there are no cracks. Chase the jets and the tube with carb spray thoroughly. Make sure all those little holes are clean. Use ethanol or methanol to dry up all the system before putting fresh gas back in.

    Replace the plugs and wires.

    Let us know how it goes.