1989 Sporty 883 oil pump tricks or upgrades.

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    I am just curious if there are any tricks to improve on the 89 sporty oil pump. I don't see any aftermarket solutions for this year. Are there springs that can be changed out like other models. Not looking for extreme just an improvement. Also are there any Air Fuel Ratio meters that can be installed on these carbed bikes for tuning, or if it looks good to leave on the bike. Thanks
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    I am not aware of any problems or upgrades for the early evo sportster oil pump however there is a wee issue with the oil tank splitting
    The battery tray is bolted directly to the oil tank the two parts are then mounted on rubber mounts to the frame 3 mounts on the oil tank and 1 under the battery tray
    the mount under the battery tray gets weak after a while and starts to fail transmitting most of the weight load of the battery on to the 2 bolts holding the battery tray to the oil tank this weight load can split the oil tank or break the mount points
    to prevent it happening either regularly replace the mount under the battery tray or upgrade the components to 94 and later parts which used 3 mounts for the battery tray to oil tank and a larger mount under the battery tray some adjustments to the oil lines are also required to perform this upgrade

    If the carb is working ok then perhaps best just to leave it however some of the early cv carbs fitted to sportsters did not have an accelerator pump i am not sure whether it is 88 or 89 that was the first year of the cv on the sportster to check take the air cleaner off and look down the throat of the carb with the fuel tap open snap open the throttle if you see a squirt of fuel shoot down the throat of the carb you have an accelerator pump if you do not have one they are desirable and replacing the carb with a later one would help the bike in situations where you snap open the throttle


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    Brian is spot on

    The oil tank and the carb advice. 1989 sport 883

    I wonder IF he could put on a Mikuni 42 carb? I did like the mikuni for the simplicity AND the ADJUSTABLE squirt of raw fuel that got things going.

    I see where the fit is for these bikes on a 42 mikuni

    Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200C : 2005–2006
    Sportster 1200 Roadster XL1200R : 2005–2006
    Sportster 1200 Standard XL1200 : 2006
    Sportster Custom XLH1200C : 1996–2004
    Sportster Custom XLH883C : 2002
    Sportster Sport XLH1200S : 1996–2003
    Sportster XLH1200 : 1994–2003

    Sportster XLH1200R : 2004

    On the other hand a stock newer CV carb off Ebay would be a good way to go IF NEEDED

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    The mikuni hsr 42 should fit right on without too much trouble although the cv works ok on the 883 if you have the accelerator pump on your carb however cold starting is not good with the cv i had forgot how bad cold starting was on my sportster till a couple of weeks ago when i went to move it to the workshop for spring maintenance