1986 trap door and clutch ramp upgrade

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by jd4hd1, Aug 17, 2014.

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    I'm JD, I now ride a 1986 fltc, its an old liberty edition that I restored and upgraded. I joined this group to see if I could connect with some guru's that could let me know what was needed to upgrade the trap door and clutch cover system on my bike to the 87' up style. I've heard all sorts of rumors but haven't been able to talk with anyone who has actually done it. I have bought a trap door from an 88 model and the ball ramp set up, a clutch cable, the outer cover but what im still unsure of is the push rod??? and whatever else??? I could spend hours measuring and adjusting and figuring it out or I could just put the pride aside and ask for help... I have searched exhaustively on the internet for kits or info but no dice... So who has some info for this old knucklebuster...
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    Use a clutch pushrod for `87-`89 model.

    The short rod is the same, so is the adjuster stud in the clutch.

    You do realize the gearset must be removed, right?

    If it were mine, I would replace all the bearings in the transmission while the gearset is out.

    Needle bearing in case (supports left end of countershaft).

    Big ball bearing left side.

    Ball bearings in trap door (this is a must).

    Needle bearings in main drive gear (two).

    Needle bearings underneath the gears (two on each shaft).