1985 FXR Custom Fuel Gauge & Turn Signal Questions

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by shortybh, Nov 8, 2011.

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    I recently bought a 1985 FXRC and need some information on the Fuel Gauge and the Turn Signals.

    The Original fuel gauge was missing so I went on line and was able to locate a replacement. Does anyone know how I can find a wiring diagram for the fuel gauge? I also am trying to find out how to check if the pickup unit in the gas tank is sending a signal to the fuel gauge?

    The second question - When I bought the bike the previous Owner said the turn signals need to be pushed on-off-on-off-on-off when signaling for a turn? Did theses originally come with on/off turn signals - push once and the light continues to blink until it is turned off? Is there a part available that can help correct the issue? Are wiring diagrams available that can help?

    Thanks for any help.
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    First question did it come with a fuel gauge when new
    and on the turn signals that is the way they made them then but i thought you had to hold the button in and it flashed but not have to on off on the button to make it flash
    I do believe at one point the aftermarket had kits to make the turn signals easier to use but they may not be a high demand for those kits today so you may have trouble finding one
    perhaps an owners manual would give all the info if you could find one if not perhaps a clymer manual

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    On my '82 FXR you have to hold the signal switch down to make the turn signals flash. If they don't do this, check the flasher unit. Mine is located inside the headlight. As for the fuel gauge, if I recall mine, there's a hot wire going to the gauge, a ground and a line from the sender. I would suggest getting a shop manual. It's a great investment. They might have diagnostics where you can check the sending unit. I had a problem once with a gas gague in an antique car. The shop manual gave a procedure to test the gauge unit itself. As it turned out, my gauge was OK, the sending unit was not. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info - I will check the signal relay in the headlight - right now I have to do the on-off-on-off thing to make mine work. As for the gas gauge - I found a broken wire - after much searching - and I have power to the Gauge now.

    Does anyone know if the sending unit should show continuity with no power?

    Thanks for all the good advice.

    Sam R
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    The resistance of the sending unit measured with an OHM meter will vary depending on fuel level in the tank... DO NOT test the sender with a continuity test light as this may fry the sender if it is good.

    On the turn signals...

    I installed one of these that I picked up at a swap meet for $10.00 and it works great. Hit the switch and it locks on the signal for 9 seconds or until you hit the switch to cancel and hit both switches and you have 4 way flashers. I think Drag Specialties also sells the same unit.

    Badlands Automatic Turn Signal Canceling Module - Splice In - ATS-03