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  1. animal15340

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    need some opinions. found an 84 classic w/1340 motor. looks nice. bike has
    58,000 miles on it. motor was rebuilt 10,000 miles ago. motor work was new
    pistons, cam, valves etc. they want $5500. what do you guys think. I have
    not ridden it yet.
    Thanks in advance

  2. R. Lewis

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    Did they upgrade anything in the engine or go back with stock cam,valves ... ? Do ya know anything about how the scoot was treated or stored ?
  3. Animal

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    I like your name Animal. If you have a good feeling, buy it. Trust your instincts.
  4. 58Duo

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    I can only tell you this much about the early EVO's there (EDIT) dependable. My 88 Classic has 42,000 and it runs exellent. besides a few small leaks here and there it has been a very good scoot.

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  5. wulffe

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    I ride an 84 Evo FLHTC. 70K no motor work and no troubles (knock on wood - can't believe I said that). The early Evo's seemed to be bulletproof. Starter and other electrical issues developed around 60K but that's probably normal.

    Make sure the ignition switch is functional - all the positions - It's long obsolete, hard to come by, and hard to cross. Not saying this should be a deal breaker

    You will have to be a bit careful and creative with some upgrades - the 84 &1/2 seemed to be bolted together from anything they had in the warehouse while they tried to get some Evo's on the road.

    Those issues aside, I am very happy with mine and hope you would be, too. I think I paid about that price in 1988.
  6. jel123

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    I bought a 1997 wg for 6000 off craigs list i dodn,t know where your from but i live by tahoe there,s a guy named brad up there who buys at the aution and sells cheap if you are close enough let me know i,ll give him a call i had a 84 evo good motor but a headache buying parts has a shovelhead bottom with an evo top,jel
  7. Fossil

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    I have a 1988 FLHS with original paint and 104K miles. The bottom end has never been opened. The top end came off twice. Once for base gasket leak and once to replace the valve guide seals. All EVOs have the same bottom end that is die cast cases. The last Shovelhead in 1984 had this lower case set up making it the best Shovel ever made. The price being asked is a little above Blue Book but that part is up to you and is it worth it. Fossil