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    Hi having my Harley surge when the clutch lever is released it makes a urrcch noise and jumps forward.This problem only started recently after the Harley sat for a year.A tech advised the the clutch plates were oil soaked and that causes the clutch plate to slip and then catch.Does anyone have any suggestions how to adjust or fix on this model.I beleive it is a dry clutch trany.1976 flh 80 its a glide dresser.Thanks:newsmile020:
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    Yeah, replace the clutch. While you're at it, check the primary tensioner.
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    Just went through the same thing with a 1977 fxe super glide. I had to replace the clutch pushrod and waffer bearing along with the oil slinger. Just make sure you set the clutch arm up with enough free play,the book says 1/2" away from the starter,a little more is better so that you don't burn the rod up...
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    Before you pull the clutch cover make sure you disconnect the battery. A shovel head bendix can be bumped and get the starter going. With the cover off take a flashlight and look behind the bendix and make sure the chain has not cut through the top of the inner case above the chain. Happened to me when I was running a 92 inch stroker. Check the primary chain for adjustment. When you remove the clutch plates check the outer shell for gouges from the steel plates. The best have a small ball bearing to help with them sliding in and out. If you feel any depressions remove the clutch shell and file them smooth. Make sure the vacumn hose is good from the inner case to the oil system. When you put it all back together stand on the right side and look straight down to the clutch. Either spin it by the kick starter or the electric starter. If it wobbles screw in the adjusting nut opposite of the low side. Read the manual very closely. I love shovel heads. Fossil
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