1974 FXE Super Glide

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by Becool1967, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Becool1967

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    I'm considering buying a 1974 FXE super glide from a friend of mine but I don't know how to value it (other than KBB which he says doesn't capture its worth). Any advice please?

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  2. Becool1967

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    He's an old friend so I know him well, I think he's factoring in his investments - he also believes it will increase in worth over time.
  3. HDDon

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    Buying or selling a Harley as an investment is not sound. Yes there are some models out there that bring amazing prices at some auctions, but most buyers never will see their purchase increase in value. I always try to put friendship on the back burner when I purchase anything, this is after all a business deal. As was mentioned before do your research and be an informed buyer, when you look at the product try to set your emotions aside. If the product (bike) preforms well and you are satisfied that you (not the seller) are comfortable with the price, buy it and be happy with the deal. Your only bargining chip is the ability to walk away. If doing this your friendship is hurt you really did not have a true friend.
  4. Breeze3at

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    Bikes with all of the original parts increase much more in value over time than highly altered or customized bikes. I have a '68 engine surrounded by '49-'84 components. Not worth much to anyone but me. That said, how much is the bike pictured worth to you? If he wants way more than it's worth to you, just pass on it and keep the relationship intact.
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  5. Becool1967

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    Great insights, thanks everyone!
  6. The4opps1

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    A few years back, I began a search for a shovel head on Ebay. It took about two years and lord knows how many bikes that I looked at before I found my '82 FXR. To give you some perspective so that you can apply it to your situation, I paid $3900 for it and put about another $400 into it to get it street worthy (tires, oil change, brakes, carb rebuild). The bike had a semi custom paint job , an S&S super E carb, and a True Fire ignition . It is a matching #'s bike and doesn't smoke or burn oil. For a shovel, it leaks very little. One of the previous owners had removed the chain oiling system and replaced the clutch disks with "wet" ones. A picture of the bike is on my avatar, but it's pretty small. In short, research your purchase, and don't "jump" at the first one that comes along. Trust me when I tell you I looked at a lot of pure junk that people wanted and got a lot more for, than what I paid for mine. IMO KBB is a reference and little more. An item is worth what someone will pay for it. Good luck.
  7. R. Lewis

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    ? ---- whats he asking for it ?????
  8. Becool1967

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    He believes its worth $8K but we haven't had a serious talk about price...
  9. Jack Klarich

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    You can almost never factor in investments unless you are doing a restoration, even then you take a hit including your time JMO, what will he take for the bike with out ruining your friendship? Have you checked E bay for similar models?
  10. blademan

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    The bike you pictured can not be valued in KBB as it is no where near being a FXE anymore for any reason except registration. Again, what is it worth to you. I think the price is very high for what it is.