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    My wife and I just returned from our first long trip.We left Michigan on June 21 at 6 am went 20 miles turned around and unloaded some from the bike (yea i know a pri ride should have been done) finaly got on the road at 7am.We rode 424 miles that day.Bad traffic jam at Cincinnati Ohio stop and go traffic the dot was working on the bridge had to shut the bike off a few times was getting very hot. Stopped in Tennessee for the night met some other bikers from Illinois.Had some great conversations with them they do this every year and base out of hotel in the area and ride from there.No problems with the ultra Bad storm about an hour after stopping.
    Wendsday left hotel 7 am light rain put our rain suits on we are headed for the tail of the dragon rain stopped just as we got to the dragon rode the dragon had a blast also had the best burger i ave had in my life at deals gap on the rockies got lot of pictures my wife is a picture nut took over 1000 pics of the whole trip.Most of them from the back of the bike.Stopped in london North Carolina for the night go day no problems.
    Thursday morning RAIN come down off the mountain in the rain very interesting we only rode 150 miles went to Mooresville North Carolina we were headed there anyhow.We went to Dale Earnheardt Inc.(my wife was big fan of his) basicaly a good day we stayed dry with the rain suits I did stop and get a windshield for my helmit as my glass's did not work in the rain very good.
    Friday Sunshine again so we headed for salem Virgina my wife wanted to see a cavern traffic back-up on 81 stop and go once again bike felt like it was getting very hot so I was shutting it off then starting it when traffic started to move untill I hit the starter and CLICK nothing here we are left lane semi on my rear bumper so i push the bike to the left shoulder adrinaline is going now.As we get to the shoulder my wonderful wife decides to help,just as i am going for the stand how ever the bike started to tip and she put her weight to the left end result the bike stopped with the fairing against the gaurd rail.No major damage just a few scrapes a few choice words to wife (bad no thinking on my part) Tried the starter now it starts and the traffic is starting to move another semi let us in and we are on our way again the intercom was very quite for a while then my wife said she was only trying to help so we had a disscusion on how to help if something like that happens again friendly conversation.All is good bike can be buffed out i think.
    Saturday good weather rode across Virginia and West Virginia Rt 60 that was a great ride curves hills and some wonderfull scenery rode into Ohio got north of Dayton stopped for the night registered at the hotel come out to move the bike and no starter no electric at all.Removed the seat and the lead had melted out of the ground on the battery.Wonderfull 7pm on a sat night strange town.So I looked in my hog tour book and F&S Harley in Dayton was open on sunday so I called they are now called Buckeye Harley Davidson got there hours
    Sunday Rain early I was able to zip tie the cable to the battery enough to ride to buckeye harley they open at 11 on sunday the owner got there about 1015 made coffee as soon as his parts guy got there got me a battery I changed it out and was headed back to the hotel by 11!! the peopl at Buckeye HD are great thanks.After looking at my battery it was not the right battery for the bike and the terminals did not stick out far enough,so the previos owner or someone used brass spacer's between the battery and the terminal and when it loosened up and the draw when hot caused heat witch melted the lead out of the terminal(at least that is all i can come up with)
    Back home safe and sound no major issues had alot of fun and we will do it again 1610 total miles in 6 days and a lot of pictures and memorys.
    ps we put ceramic beads on the seats worked great tail bone got sore after about 250 mile but that was all our bottoms stayed cool.Sorry about so long but i wanted to share our first long trip at least for us on a bike.
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    sounds like a nice trip.. Glad you got your electric problem fix on a Sunday! hope you have many more
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    Don't apologize for the long story, I enjoyed every word of it. Sounds like you and your wife had a great trip and even enjoyed hot and humid NC (but ain't it nice and cool in the mountains?). Best to you.
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    I to liked reading about your story....Could you post a pic of the bike when you left at 6am and then at 7am....:)..I bet you had a lot of fun..
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    You made a memory for a lifetime. Sounded like a great ride. So when is your next trip????:)
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    I will do that joyflyin
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    There is nothing as great as a road trip with the wife on the back. Each trip is a learning experience... make a check list of things that must be taken along and things that must NOT be taken, and how to load your gear and next time will be trouble free.

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    Wounds to the bike are fixed Easily,,,,, Wounds to the HEART take longer and more work.....:newsmile08:

    don't ask me how I know....:D

    Good trip you had...

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    Sounds like a good trip! I'm looking forward to my first overnight trip this year.....it will be with my 9 year old son cuz the wife is going to be away on business! Asked him what he wanted to do with Dad while mom is out of town and he said "can we ride the bike and stay in a hotel somewhere"! He is hooked!