117ci Builds Only Bagger Pictures

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by EastCoastRoadKingRiders, Apr 19, 2010.

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    Hey everyone how about posting some pictures of your 117ci build bagger and tell us what you like or love about your build from being stock.
  2. ooheritage

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    Now thats a slick bike, 117ci I bet you don't have any problems with power.
  3. She runs real nice with alot of power,but that is also why i broke the bearings
    in the crank.Its in the shop now so hopefully soon i will have it back again.
  4. Gas Gauge

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    gorgeous, you must love throwing a leg over that beauty! I like how the white walls, grips and seat compliment each other!
  5. Thank you for the compliments.I had a real nice 2 up seat on that i had customize but when i road with a female friend for the first time it was totally uncomfortable so i took it off and went with the HD brawler solo seat which i love.

    I change tires to metzlers 880 and i lowered the back 1" to the progressive 440 which i really like.

    I only had my 117 for about 4 days until the bearing went so hopefully i will be getting back in a couple of weeks.

    I their are some more people on the forum who have 117's that they can show pictures of.
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  6. jim1102

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    your bike looks awesome.sorry to hear about your crank.Make sure you true and weld the crankpin when they have it apart,those x-tra cu.'' are very hard on the crankshaft.darkhorse crankshaft does a great job on cranks and bearings.

  7. Well i heard from the builder and the FLYWHEEL which was made by s/s will be back in a week so i will have it back in another 2 wks.can you tell me what can do maybe that this won't happen again? it was a part failure nothing wrong on my part what i did but i am just a little bit worried not to roll on the thottle again like i did.
  8. jim1102

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    tell your builder to send the crank out to get welded and trued,what happened was the crankpin is just pressed in, to hold the crank together[flywheels]so you need to have the crankpin welded so when you roll on the throttle the flywheels won't shift again.Your builder should be able to explain it to you.This is a pretty common yhing to do when building a117'' motor.
  9. i just sent you a private message.
  10. Hey jim,
    thank you for your help man my crank is now on its way to be welded.Though it has taken it back another 2wks i feel alot better now that it is being done.