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  1. mkeats_12

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    In Nebraska, 9200 miles on bike, and it's winter! Wonder what is too early to start thinking about the 10k service. I know once summer hits, I will for sure be way over the 10k mileage. ideas...?????

    thanks all
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum. If your bike is going to hibernate for the winter, you may want to change ALL the fluids now, that way you will be ready for an early spring:s
  3. FerrousBueller

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    Breaking from my usual tradition, I'll have to STRONGLY disagree with Capitol Jack this time... Just Kidding!

    I can think of two additional reasons to service your bike now.

    1) One of my local dealers offers discounts for services done in the off season. Perhaps you have a local dealer with similar deals. Even without any service sales, your bike will be ready to ride as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

    2) There is no better time to do it yourself, or, learn how to. You'll have all kinds of time to do it right, collect all the supplies, and to get any proper tools you may need. You do have a shop manual, right?

    You'll read this next bit of advice several times while you're on this forum. If you do it yourself- keep records!

    Other advantages of doing it yourself is that you can add any new do-dads and shiny bits (are you sure you have enough chrome on that bike?) without the distraction of nice weather that makes you want to get out and ride.

    Welcome to the Forum!

  4. lordharold

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    Well if you do not do the service yourself it sure gives us service tech guys something to do during the winter here in Nebraska:D and then you're ready to ride tat first warm sunny day!
  5. Jack Klarich

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  6. hogcowboy

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    I would go ahead and do it. You got all winter to learn how.