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  1. cwcmdc05

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    I have been pricing the 10K service at a couple of local HD dealers and I have found prices ranging from $360 all the way to $660. Any idea what the difference in the service may be or could it just be different price for the same exact service?
  2. Hoople

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    The person to ask that question to would be the dealership asking that price. They may have their own "extra enhanced" package that they feel must be done to the bike. Of course the 10K service checklist will be the same but the actual service performed could/will be different.

    You did not even say the dealerships names or the state in case someone here went to them.
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    Not sure why the different prices. The 10k service is pretty standard and all the dealers should be doing it the same way. Why not do the service yourself and save a bunch of money?
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    I am in Virginia and the 3 dealers I called were Lynchburg HD, South Richmond HD, and Orange HD. The reason I don't do the work myself is because I am a pencil pusher; not mechanical enough to change my own oil much less anything else. Thus I have to rely on dealers to do this work. That is why I called around to get multiple quotes before I had the work done so as to not get taken. All three of the dealers said they do exactly what is listed in the owners manual.
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    Well if they admit they all do the same checklist found in the owners manual, that is 1/2 the battle.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying to dealership "660" "Why are you so much higher than the rest". There is nothing wrong with that. I do it all the time. Let HIM defend his price. I mean for $300 more he BETTER have something to tell me. For that much more he should be putting on a new Rear tire.
    Your the customer. It's your money. There is nothing wrong with asking.

    This may be the only chance we get to be in charge. When the economy gets back on it's feet, they are going to mop the floor with us like they use to.
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    I believe the $360 is what they charge at Chandler Harleydavidson here in Az. where i just got my 15,000 mile done. And they're good folks too! :s
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    Pencil pusher? Excellent! That means you can read. So just for grins, get yourself the HD Factory Service Manual covering your bike's model and year. Read through Section 1 Maintenance. Look at the pictures and drawings. Look at the bike. Look back at the pictures and drawings. (I can do that!).

    If you have absolutely NO tools, go to Sears Hardware and see what they have in their entry level tool sets. You will need english and metric sockets and a ratchet. Some box/open end wrench set in both. Cutting pliers. Pliers. Lock jaw pliers. And a set of Torx bits that includes the elusive T27! Screw driver bit set with handle.

    You can go to Harbor Freight or Northern Tools to save a bit of money. But I bought much of my tool set when I was in High School/College. Within the last couple of years I broke one of my 3/8" drive ratchets. Sears replaced it with the closest model they now have in the Craftsman line to what I broke. No charge! 35 year old tool!!

    Point in all this is, you CAN do it!! We'll help.

  8. Jack Klarich

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    Very sound advice from TQ and Smitty, you can do this and you get to know your bike and get a great feeling when you are done:s
  9. Davidw2415

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    First off go to the dealer and get a manual or you can try to find one on E-bay or at a swap meet. then read through the maintenance section a few times while setting on a stool or bucket by you bike. That way as you read and look at the pictures you can look for the items on the bike so that you will know were they are when you start to do the work. print out a copy of the 10,000 schedule which you can find at the Hd website. and hang it on your garage wall. Prioritize from easiest to most difficult. start with the easiest and work you way to the most difficult. don't try to do this all at once or in one weekend. It took me three weeks to do my 10,000 mile service. I just started on my 15,000 mile serve today. First step changing rear brake pads. first time I've ever done it. took about an hour and saved me about 90 bucks in labor. I figure it will take a couple of weeks to do everything. You can do it. I don't think many of the Harley service techs are rocket scientists.
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    Go for it! After the first couple, you can pocket the $$'s you save. I have not paid for a service since the 10K. Got tired of $1200 to $1500 a year in service fees. I'm now at 36K. I ride a lot and change my oils between 3 - 4K. The $$'s saved pays for my extras. I am not mechanically inclined either. There is a bunch of good advise on this forum and I have used it. I have done more maintenance on my scoot than I ever thought I could. GOOD LUCK!