10K miles with a 17 year old

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by GrumpyII, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Just got back from a great trip. Me (62 and grouchy) and my son (17 and knows it all) going from the Viet Nam memorial wall in Olympia, Wa. to the Wall in Wa.D.C. and back. The trip was great except for a lot of rain in Pa. and some really BIG skeeters in Wyo. Did Sturgis before the crowds showed and took in a whole lot of country side including the Dragon. Got to admit the Dragon was fun but there are truly some roads around home that are as good or better. A true H.D. trip no route plan just get up in the morning and head east, then when we got into D.C. we did the tourist thing and then headed west. Had to stop once when we hit water on the east side and then once again when things got wet in the west. Seriously though there were no route plans just go where and when we wanted and no time except be home by start of school. Great way to spend part of the summer.
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    wow, sounds amazing! Any pics?
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    That is such a great story and an experience neither of you will ever forget. I've got 2 daughters - oldest likes to ride with me OK but she's a full time college student and always VERY busy. Youngest doesn't want anything to do with the bike. Wife will ride with me up to a couple hours but no way on a trip like this. I dream of this kind of adventure some day but I've faced the reality that it'll probably be solo.
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    Sounds like you had a great trip and the memories you made with your son will last both of your lives!!!!
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    I will try to get some up in the next few days
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    Great story. And it will be one your son will be telling his kids about when they are getting a little older.

    Like Richard and you, I have a younger son. He is two, and I am 53. So when he is fixing to get out of HS, I will be 68 or so. Would be great if we could do something like you and your son have. Indelible memories that last a lifetime. More for my son than for me. We'll see.

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    He Grumpy and Richard; a friend of mine (the one that got me into riding) will be 60 on his next Birthday. He has two sons, the oldest is 8, the younger one is 6. I think it can be a little taxing on him at times, but you oughta see the way those boys can make light up his eyes.
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    Wow, what a gift you have given your son. A memory for a lifetime. I still remember spending 3 days fishing and sleeping with my dad on his boat and that trip was over 50 years ago.