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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by skcm2006, Dec 24, 2010.

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    I am thinking of getting my 09 FLHX upgraded from the 96 to the 103. I currently have the stage one on the bike - am curious to know what has been anyone's experience in getting the upgrade?


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    The first twin cams were 88'', when Harley bumped them to 96'' they did it with stroked flywheels and the cylinder are still the same size as the 88'' so big bore jugs are a no brainer, usually when you want to increase displacement it's best to do some in the stroke and some in the cylinder displacement, they seam to complement each other, I think cams are your biggest bang for your buck, nothing radical, just good mild cams like 255's that gives you extra torque where you can use it, but sill keeps stock like smoothness and engine longevity. You have the stage 1 already so it's small step to a stage 2, try it, you'll like it.
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    Simple but often overlooked improvement is a cam swap. TC96's respond really well to cam changes. IMO one of the best choices is the Andres 48H. It has all the power down low that the SE255 does but when the 255 runs out of steam the 48 keeps going.
    I posted a dyno sheet that shows a comparison on post#7 in this thread.

    S S 106 or SE 103 big bore upgrade kit? - Harley Davidson Community

    I also posted another dyno sheet on post #18 on this thread.

    Bagger Cams - Page 2 - Harley Davidson Community

    92hp/99tq of reliable power just might be what your really looking for. Its a lot less money than a big bore conversion.

    But if you are looking for more than that there are some big bore builds that can really wake that bike up. How much do you want to spend? :newsmile093:

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    Yes, I did the SE BB 103" upgrade including Andrews 26H cams exactly one year ago.(0n the 24th and 25th)
    Andrews 26H cams (35* ABDC intake close) corrected compression = 9.26:1
    103" and stock cam (30* ABDC intake close) corrected compression = 9.42:1
    96" and stock cam = 8.88:1 corrected compression.
    All with .045 head gasket.

    All this means, there will be hot start issues with the 103" BB upgrade keeping the stock cam.

    I will say it's a great improvement.



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    You might want to look at putting travel limiters in your lifters to alleviate this problem. Joe Minton of American Rider magazine wrote an excellent tech article on this. you can read about this here.

    The Starter Problem

    By the way skcm2006 if you keep it at 96 and put the Andrews 48H cam it has a 29* intake valve close vs the SE255 25* intake close which will bump up you CCP
    (corrected cranking pressure) as compared to the stock 30* intake close.

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    I really like the idea of the 103 upgrade...however even though I am so tempted to run out and do this I am forcing myself to wait. I completed the stage one on my EG with great results, but I think I will be a little consevative and wait till the motor needs the rebuild before I do it. My buddy did his bike right after he got his and man that thing screams now. The dealer had a deal where the upgrade was only a grand ($1000.) it included all parts and labour. Well worth it but my bike is more for traveling where his is a runner. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    It's all about your budget. Are you planning on doing the build yourself, or having someone else do it? The best bang for your buck is the cam. Keep in mind, that whatever you do, you will have to pay for a dyno tune as well. Are you are a bight the bullet and "do it all" kinda guy or "plug away at it" kinda guy? Long run plugging away is more expensive, but easier on the wallet as you go. No matter how you go about this, you will need to find someone that will do the tune for you first. Start interviewing guys, even if you know who you are going to use.

    First things first, you need to know your riding style. Are you a bump the rev limiter kinda guy, or never go more than 4,000 rpm? This will allow you to choose a cam.

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    I did the 103" w/255 cams upgrade to my 09 SG and love it, the bike starts easily and the torque is very impressive. I would definitely suggest you do the same.