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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Hello Gang

    May be a silly question my regarding the 1000 mile intial servce I have been doing my own for my bikes since 2007 However just for CuriosityI asked the Service Dept Manager what exacltly they do for the $450.00 :newsmile093:charge. He explained that the mechanic makes sure thet all fastners are torqued properly, Neck bearings are inspected and torqued should they need to be all spokes are checked and all holes are drained and filled with new oil, lube clutch cable and adjust clutch

    I have a New RKC , Now my question is how many of you owners out there are confident that the dealer is actually performing all the check points for the 1000 mile service.

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    Wow, $450.00, where do you live? here in Idaho with all syn fluid I only charged $300.00 at the dealership.
    Most dealers are on flat rate these days temping techs to be too fast and MMI is pumping out techs like puppys at a puppy factoy, if you have a manual and a torque wrench you can do it yourself and know that everything was done, here is what harley recommends for services. 08 & 09 are the same.

    View attachment 2008 Service Intervals.pdf

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    Picked up my sportster after 1000, short exactly 1qt of oil when I cheked it at home 5 minutes later. Got a smiling apology. Take care of most everything myself now.
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    I cannot speak for all dealers but from experience in the automotive side of the business I'll say.
    If the tech can cut a corner and get away with it they usually will.

    We employed a guy who road tested every car that came through the shop. He had a check list of items that were supposed to be checked,lubed,adjusted,topped off ,and looked at.

    It took us a while to educate the tech's that we were not going to tolerate any short cuts or foolishness, but it payed off in the end. Our quality guy would park a vehicle that failed his checks behind the tech's lift, lock it., walk away and the tech had to answer for his shortcomings before he could get the next job. Since they work on commission it was in their best interest to do the job correctly the first time.

    If a shop is charging you for something they should be willing and able to stand behind every operation and check they are supposed to do.
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    I was always a take it to the dealer guy until I broke down on a trip and needed to know more than I did about basic repairs. Doing your own service and maintenance goes a LONG way in learning about your bike and how to address possible problems on the rode. To me its like an at home motorcycle training course.
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    Wow, that's seems very HIGH!! I paid $265.00 for my 1000 mile service with Syn 3! Did they check everything? Don't know...I suspect they probably cut a corner if they could.
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    I agree on the cost being WAY too high. Mine was $270 and included all synthetic in late '06. The tech probably gets 1.2-1.5 hrs. pay for this service if it's anything like automotive rates. The tech may well do all the checks, adj's etc. and do a good kob of it, but it is no way worth $450 for what is required by HD. I wonder how much of that price is an attempt to compensate for slow business. If that's the case then they are going in the wrong direction in trying to increase business. Now is the time for Dealer's to try to service their customer's reasonably, not scare them away. OK, I'm off my soap box now.
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    How can they do all that in 45 minutes?
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    If you think about it, which I just did since my last post, the parts probably cost around $50-$60 bucks. What do they do to justify the rest of the charge ?