10 inch ape hangers

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by johndeeredr, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. johndeeredr

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    going to pull the trigger and buy the wildones 10 inch ape hangers for my 2012 roadglide. went to there web sight, and saw some installes on a 2011 roadglide. my question is, my wiring is on the outside of my handle bars and there is what appears to be a slotted hole in the bottom side of the stock handle bars were the wiring for the cruise, start, and the controls for the radio enter the control housing. does anybody know if the aplication is the same with the wildones? cant tell from the pics, do i need the extend the harness, clutch and brake cables? any other advise would be welcomed.
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Looking at the red RG with the 10" apes on their site, the bottom pic said stock cables
  3. brownfoxx1

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    i did paul yippes BAGGER bars, wireing ok stock, but needed 4" over c/cable
    ( cable came with new cover seal & if you cut-off a allen wrench you can remove the c/cover w/o removeing the exhaust. just takes a while.
    and a 12" TBW cable. i suggest you get a 15" tby cable as there is room to hide the excess.just a suggestion
  4. Fritz

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    Got Roadcustom6's 9" on my 10 RGC. there was enough wire to go more.:bigsmiley12: