10,000 mile check up

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Beaver, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Beaver

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    I have a question. My 09 Road King has 8600 miles and I am about to take a 2400 mile road trip. Should I have my 10,000 mile check up done before or after the road trip?

    Thanks from a newbie
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I agree with the previous two posters. If you don't do it or get it done before you leave, it's all you're going to be thinking about on your trip, especially if you hear a strange noise out in the middle of nowhere!

    DANNY MC Active Member

    Yeah get it done prior to trip,did the same on my 09 Heritage,1000 mile service was due but at 850 was goin to France and was gonna be up by another 800 mile,spoke to dealer and they did service early no probs.....Enjoy ur trip !!!
  4. R. Lewis

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    "Well Gee beev why did you go and do that for"

    get it done before you go! If anything it will be a good peace of mind and won't have to think about it while your out on the road trip!!

    ( BTW - just ribbin' ya -sorry couldn't help it!!)
  5. Ozman

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    Get er done before you go...you'll ride will be more worry-free!
  6. pru7536

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    Beaver, do it now and here’s why. On July 8, 2006, I headed to Vernal, Utah to visit a Marine Corps buddy that I hadn’t seen in 30+ years. It was not a well planned trip as I had just reunited with him a couple of months prior. I figured a 4400 mile round trip, worst case scenario. The day I left, I had 16883miles on the Deuce. I wasn’t overly concerned about a 1200 mile deficit as I figured I could get a service somewhere along the way. If I went a few miles over the service recommendation, I wasn’t too worried about that either. Well, the scenery was so awesome out West; I couldn’t resist swinging by Yellowstone instead of heading back the same way I came. That put me on an entirely different route and I hit exactly 20K miles as I was passing through Gillette, WY. I saw a Harley dealership from I-90 and pulled into the parking lot to find they were closed on Monday. Gillette was 2K miles from home and I didn’t want to push it that far without an oil change. I figured while I was out this way I would stop by Sturgis HD and get a service done. Well, they were closed for inventory getting ready for the big throw-down. Bottom line is: I was constantly thinking where I could get a service done while on the road and it turned out I couldn’t. The Deuce didn’t seem to care that it went 2200 miles further than it should have without service, but it worried me at the time. It ran like a Swiss watch the entire time, didn’t require a drop of oil or any air in the tires. Guaranteed, next time I go on such an adventure, it will be properly serviced prior to the trip. My humble opinion! As it turned out, I rode 5316 in eight days of riding.
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    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    But allow yourself a few days to make sure everything is good before taking the long trip. Sometimes an overlooked fastener or completing your formal pre-ride inspection may detect something missed...just to be sure.

    Did you check the air pressure, shock preload (for carrying more weight, tools to be carried, and balance what IS carried/packed as close to the center of gravity (rider footpeg area or over rear shock, spare fuse(s) etc.
  8. vtbikers

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    Do it now, oil is cheap
  9. Elmosac

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    Get it done before a long trip like this. Even if your running Synthetic oil, it isn't that expensive to change the oil again after the trip or even better half way to the next service (15K)

    Whether you do the service yourself or get it done at the stealer, the bike will be getting a good look over prior to the trip which will give you some peice of mind while enjoying the trip.
  10. oldiron

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    what operations are performed during the 10K service?