09 Ultra throttle felt something snap and no throttle

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by misfit, Jul 17, 2011.

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    I,ve got n 09 ultra. I was riding it today and as I was taking off from a stop sign it felt like a cable snapped "althogh I know it has no cable" and I had no throttle. I pulled over. I started it up agaian and as long as I pushed the grip in towards the switch housing it would respond. I managaed to limp it home this way but I'm wondering if the splines on the throttle switch inside the bars stripped or what?
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    Sounds like the switch housing was mounted too far out on the handle bar and the teeth on the handle grip were just barely engaging the teeth on the throttle sensor. It is also possible that something in the grip or the sensor broke, you'll need to pull the grip off to see. Still under warranty? If you have the torx bits, it isn't a difficult job. You don't need to remove the brake lever mirror mount, just split the switch housing and pull the grip off. There is a slot around the inner end of the grip which engages a ridge on the switch housing. If the assembly was mounted too far out on the handle bar, just loosening the screws on the brake lever mount will let you slide it a little toward the center of the handlebar. You should do that with the twist grip re-installed. Some guys have had the opposite problem, the assembly is mounted too far inward and the twist grip binds and won't spring back to idle. If you slide the whole shebang as far to the center as it will go, then back outward a small amount (1/16" or so) you should have good engagement of the gear teeth and NOT have any twist grip binding
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    This can be kind of a tough one to diagnose and cure. It does seem to show up more in hot weather. I would probably start off by checking to see if the bike has registered a "code" or not. Although not hard, it is kind of a daunting task for most folks who are not mechanically inclined. If you are going to own a Harley, I think you should invest the $50.00 in a shop, service manual. But, that is just me. Good luck. Do a search on this very website where there are numerous opins on how to do this.
    I had this very thing happen to me several weeks ago. In my case, there is a wiring loom that contains numerous wires, which had popped loose from it's moorings and had brushed up against the hot engine fins on the air cleaner side of the engine (about half way up-you can see it if you remove your chrome football cover). The heat had burned a hole plumb through the outside loom and was steadily working its way through all the wires inside. Bye the way, this is the very bunch of wires that plugs into a module behind the air cleaner cover. My fix was to tape up the loom and wires where it was burnt through with some good electrical tape. I then covered this with a tin foil and then put another wrap of electrical tape over this. Lastly, I made sure that the wiring loom was properly attached to the little tab, like it is supposed to be. I am fairly sure how the loom came to be where it was. A couple of weeks ago I had the bike into the local Harley shop for a bit of warranty work. I believe the technician removed the plug and pulled on the cable when he hooked the bike up to the Harley diagnostic machine. It would be an easy thing to do, but it can have dire consequences if the cable ends up resting against a hot jug (the front one). Like you, when it happened it felt like something gave loose inside, although at the time I had no idea what it was. Just something to think about.
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    btsom hit it on the head...That's exactly what it was...The sensor was pulled out from the notches in the handlebar. Also retrop, I've got a shop manual coming in he mail. I do almost all of my own wrenching...I just dont trust anyone else putting wrenches on my vehicles:newsmile055: I just bought this bike a week ago. It had been laid on it's side and needs a little paint but otherwise everything else is in great condition..I've been out of the Harley world for quite a few years so I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the newer breed of Harleys...My last Harley was a 1964 Pan head....If that gives you any idea. Any way it's great to be back on a Harley again!! Thanks a lot guys for your quick input....
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    That was my guess too...was going to also ask if there was a recent hand grip swap. Those little plastic gears need to mesh together. Glad you're road-ready once again. Enjoy!