09 UG lower Seat reccomdations

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Nov 18, 2008.

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    Hey guy's

    I really like my 09 UG Here is my issue I have a 29 inch inseam and had a 07 EGC and my 03 RKC that I had the stock lowering HD shocks on. This allowed me to firmly place my feet on the ground. When I purchased my 09 I also purchased my 1" lowering HD shocks for the 09 model. After installing them I still find myself on the balls of my feet at stop lights. I guess the new frame has a lot to do with it however that still put me at a bind. Can anyone reccomand a seat that will help plant my feet to the gound I would preffer NOT to lower my front end.

    I saw this on the forum Mean City Cycles Custom Seat Modifications :: Home and spoke to Bret but he stated that the new 09 frame does not really give much room to re-shape the seat pan accept on the sides

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  2. 09ultra

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    As soon as someone comes up with a decent way, I am also interested in getting my 09 ultra a little lower. I am 5'9" plus a smidgin, and I am not flat footed. I wish I knew if the SG shocks would be enough alone. I really would like to keep the stock seat if the shocks would do it. The book says the shocks only lower 3/4"???
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    I think you SHOULD lower the front end to maintain a semblance of the geometry the bike is supposed to have. I lowered the front AND the back of my '03 UC (I know, different frame, but ...) and got the Reach seat. It made a BIG difference to the stability of the bike even in a cross wind. Doing all that, and some loading strategy to keep the CoG as low as possible helps. With the lowering front and rear AND the Reach seat, I am flat footed when seated on the bike.

    I am 5'-6" tall, and wear 36x30 jeans. My inseam is probably more like 29. Samey-same!