09 superglide

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    Finaly got the money saved to dyno the bike. Took 4 weeks of taking my lunch to work and not smoking but it done. I have a stage 1 with short shots a zipper high flow air cleaner and a PC III. I had been running just on of the predetermaned maps from the power comander site and my base line numbers where max hp=69.55 and max Torgue=84.4 after the dyno final numbers where max Hp=74.38 and max torque=87.52. It a 45 mile ride to Republic Harley where it was tuned from my house and they but it on the dyno 20 min after I got there so the bike was good and warmed up before they started so the base numbers sould be accurate. I deff happy with almost 5 more horses can for sure be felt not to mention the bike is running much smoother. Wish i had a scaner so i could post this print out sure yall could tell more by lookin at it.

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    Thats great,

    Also, i sure your engine feels better and healthier not smoking :s
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    Save some more and put a set of Woods TW-555 cams in there. My 2010 Superglide put out 80hp and 96tq with those cams