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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by johnggnn, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. johnggnn

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    My 09 1200 C "claks" into gear. I've been told this is normal for sportys but I am wondering if it's not a tranny problem.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    *******************************Just an insight on the CLANK..

    Think about the Gears and primary chain Turning at idle speed....
    Than take it a step further, squeeze in the clutch,all the way against the handlebar.

    Now HOLD it there, counting to 5 or so.. THIS ON a cold bike should Normally Break loose the tight parts(clutch plates) to NOT SPIN and dis-engage the Movement...

    When all is stopped NO Clunk.

    Using my bike as an example; 09 FLHR, I Need my clutch adjusted while COLD (under derby cover) ..

    This clutch adjustment is very important in the CLUNK or No Clunk..

    also the clearance of the cable at the clutch handle is another. 1/16 Min. to 1/8 inch Max.

    Check out my adjustment as it applies to all HD's of the later years, EVO's and TC.

    BUBBIES Clutch Adjustment - Harley Davidson Community

    Hope this helps

  3. glider

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    Proper clutch adjustment will minimize the noise but all Harleys clunk when dropped into gear.

    You can minimize it also by holding the clutch lever in a few seconds before dropping it in gear.
  4. whacko

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    That is a tough one to answer. DH bikes make quite a clunk when shifting which is normal. Does the shifter feel hard to engage or does it just make an audible clunk? I can hear mine clunk going in and out of 5th and 6th at highway speeds even through all the wind noise!
  5. Jack Klarich

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    As already stated hold the clutch in for count of 5, I have also found pull the clutch in and rock it forward and back a few feet No clunk:s