09 FLHRC engine missing

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bradp, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. bradp

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    Got an 09 RKC. 20,000 km, SEII slip-ons, Stage 1 air cleaner and a TFI. Noticed in the last few runs she seems to have an intermittent miss. Other than that she ran fine. Tonight after a 2hr run the engine seems to be missing more and seems to be down on power. I shut down for a coffee and when i fired it back up she was idling rough. On the drive home it was getting worse. Running poor and down on power. Checked for codes, there where none. Under warranty but i'm reluctant to go to the dealer because of the TFI. Any suggestions on a good place to start looking for a problem.
  2. glider

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    What's the last thing you did to the bike?

    Did you just fuel up prior to the problem?
  3. Bud White

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    plugs plug wires.. tfi connections .. did it do it after a recent fill up bad gas maybe
  4. Iceman24

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    Make sure your battery connections are tight - check for loose ground...also, TFI shouldn't make any difference w/warranty so IMO - bring it in for a check.
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    I did fill up before the run, but I wasn't the only one and everyone else was fine. I did change the plugs to NGK DCHP7E because I felt this condition for the last two or three good runs. I did notice what sounds like a squeak around the motor but it sounds like a motor mount.


    typed in wrong plug number. They were NGK- DCPR7E
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    As Glider said what was the last thing you did, any mods or bad gas?