09 Fatbob Clunk/Thump - please help

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by fatbob_ chris, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Hi all, could someone please offer any advice on this issue. I have an 09 fat bob with 900 miles. This weekend while riding i notice the front end clunking or thumping when i use the rear brake only. Its like 3 clunks/thumps that i feel in the front foot pegs. I dont feel it in the handlebars, just the pegs.. It does it just before i come to a stop. If i use the front brake only i dont feel it as bad. In addition, the front end has started to feel loose and its not tracking straight anymore. I dont understand, this bike rode perfect a couple days ago.. Please help?
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    Hello, Im having the same issues with the clucking.. I have took to the dealership and was told my steering nut was loose and they retorqed it, but it still doing it just not as bad.. But when my wife is one the back it is worse. So the second trip to the dealer resulted in what they say is "my rear brake lever has a catch and that I can put some lube on it, and that there is no fix for it." I checked all the fat bobs on the floor and they also have that small catch. I will continue to trouble shoot this problem because it is just anoying.
    If i come up with any solution i will post.
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    I am very interested. What is "fall away". Would you be able to explain that to me or maybe an example would help me understand. Is it shock rebound? And it is adjustable?

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    check all hardware on rear suspension
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    There are two pieces of hardware which need attention if the front stem is the culprit in clunking.

    Many think that tightning the upper stem nut affects fallaway or proper torquing of the neck bearings. It doesn't. There is an adjustment nut under the upper tree which is moved up or down the threads on the stem to provide this torque. The upper nut provides compression to the upper tree against this adjustment nut to keep it all in specs. The recommend torque spec for the upper nut is now 75 - 80 ft/lbs. There is also a new hardened stem nut washer available to help the nut stay at this torque spec.

    I mention this only to highlight that when the dealer tightens the upper nut only, they have done nothing to correct the clunk.
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