09 classic front brake failure

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by RacerXanadu, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Front brake lever too hard to pull. I suspect abs module failure. Ive been riding for 30+ yrs and have never had ABS on any of my machines. Im considering running hydraulic lines from the front brake, to front caliper assembly, and same with rear brakes. Thuse bypassing the ABS unit altogether. Does anyone know if this will work. This is my daily driver.
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    This conversation has been had over and over. Your complete braking system has been designed to work as a complete unit. You are going to change out master cylinders also right? Then how are you going to disable ABS fault light? Being a 09 how many times has brake fluid been flushed and changed?
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    You should have flushed your brake fluid about three time by now due to age of bike , inspect the master cylinder to see if dirt is in the ports. the front brake calipers could be seizing up & need to be serviced. Is the brake fluid over filled ? . the front disc & pads could be glazed & this will cause extra effort to apply. ABS systems work very well these days and the only faults I come across is due to lack of fluid flushes. ( moister gets into system & causes corrosion internally)
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    Stiff front lever is a known problem. It's a failure in the ABS manifold. HD has a service bulletin on it, but I don't have the # .