'09 1125 CR stalling...

Discussion in 'Buell' started by Baggh, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I had my 1125 CR for just under a week... I have 550 miles on it. During this week my bike has stalled 3~4 times... no warning... no hiccup... just stalled. Started right back up but ummm... my XB never had any problems and I bought it brand new.

    I heard the 1125 R '08's had some issues with stalling when they got hot... and having difficulties starting back up. Also rode rough during the low rpm range.

    the '09's were supposed to have these issues ironed out. I have my first 620 mile service tomorrow and will ask them about it but... has anyone else experienced these issues? or heard of them?


    btw... luvin the CR... other than these minor issues (that may not be so minor if it stalls going around a bend or something)