08 ultra SE Compensator install gone wrong so far

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by feedsack, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. feedsack

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    i just installed a se comp kit i got from thr dealer to replace a old new style se comp i got from the dealer in late 2008. i changed out the whole thing including the new rotor then. im replacing it wth this kit 42200064a. After installing it the primary cover wont go on. The chain looks to be off a litlle bit 1/4 inch or so as well.
    I was reading that i needed another rotor or should have gotten a different kit that included the rotor. pn 40100061.
    Any other way to make this right?
  2. Jack Klarich

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  3. feedsack

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    img compensator 1.jpg img compensator 2.jpg I read that I have those directions it appears this side out is not the same as this side out is on the original se comp REPLACEMNT
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    08 ultra Not sure you have the correct kit.

    Fits: Fits 12-13 Dyna® 12-13 Softail® (except FXCW FXCWC FXSB FXSBSE and 09 FXSTSSE) and 11 -13 Touring and 09-13 Trike models. Original Equipment on 14-later Dyna® Softail® and Touring models. Requires separate purchase of Installation Adhesive Kit P/N 11100088.
    Maybe this kit:
    Fits '06-'11 Dyna®, '07-'11 Softail® (except FXCW and FXCWC), '07-'10 Touring and '07-'09 CVO™ (except '09 FXSTSSE) models. Does not fit Trike. Requires separate purchase of Installation Adhesive Kit P/N 11100088. Kit includes Rotor Assembly P/N 30041-08. Installation on ’06 Dyna® models require separate purchase of ’07-style stator.
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    The adhesive kit does not come with the caulk gun adapter for the glue. It's p/n is 11100075 at a cost of $7.00
  6. gusotto

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    If you already have replaced the compensator with the previous SE unit, you should be able to reuse that rotor.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Here is the link where to but the adhesive, I see no reason to buy the adaptor, if you can run a bead with a tube of silicone you should be able to with this product also JMO
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