08 SuperGlide Issues

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hams, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. hams

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    I have an 08 Dyna Superglide with approximately 20k miles. Original battery starting to show some systems of loosing its charge (Voltage reading below 11V) so I bought a battery tender to use while storing bike for the winter and to slowly charge. Here are the chain of events that followed:

    1. Plugged battery tender into battery (battery still connected/wired to bike) and charged for about 24hrs.

    2. Tried to start bike up and it barely turned over. Tried a few more times but just loud clicking noise heard.

    3. Tried jumping with car battery but again just clicking noise. Noticed what I think is the fuel pump that normally makes a noise when I put switch in the run position is not going off anymore.

    4. Ran the diagnostic code checks and came back with the following:

    S-U1255 & U1016
    t-no rsp
    b-no rsp
    And the following part # was displayed (Pn.32919-07A)

    I've never had this happen before and would have thought that by either charging the battery or at least jump starting, it would have fired right up. Also checked all fuses and nothing blown as well as changed out both spark plugs.

    Any ideas or direction would really help out a lot...
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    Clean and make sure cables are secured. If that is correct battery needs removed and bench tested. I would be concerned jumping off a car battery could be a issue. Once problem corrected advise using tender every time bike is parked after ride. A tender will never charge a dead battery.
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll check cables and disconnect and remove battery to test and replace if needed...
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    There's many connections in the battery system that could be causing the issue. Remember that each battery cable has 2 ends and either end cause be a bad connection being you had a problem even with jumping it from a car system, which is a very risky thing to do on these bikes.
    The clicking you heard is either a weak battery or a poor connection usually. The starter connections on the solenoid can cause a problem also.

    Check both ends of both cables for a good connection, remove and wire brush each end , reconnect and try to start again.

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  5. Jack Klarich

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    #2 on checking under the protective rubber boot on the starter solenoid, clean and tight Harley Davidson Community try some of this on all electrical connections it will make them water proof, also check starter boots they need to be tight and starter needs to have a good ground:s
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    just for futer refference spark plugs and plug wires would have nothing to do with this problem. the starter should still turn over with these removed. they would only come into play if bike cranked over but would not fire up.
  7. blueglide

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    Hi also check around the battery terminals for hairline cracks and movement in the terminal post.
    Good luck.