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    Guys here's my question, I have a heavily modified 08 Street glide. One of the modifications is the power locks I had put on for the tour pak and saddle bags. Here's the problem, the way HD has it wired, if you lock the bags and DO NOT turn AND lock the ignition knob and just walk away, anyone can simply come along and quickly turn the knob to ignition, press the fairing mounted lock/unlock button and unlock everything and turn the knob back to off before the alarm goes off. I believe it is a design flaw in the system.
    Question is this, what can the faring mounted switch be wired to so that it ONLY works if the key is in proximity? I'm thinking on the battery side of the RUN/OFF switch since that only gets power if the key is in proximity and the ignition switch is turned on. The other question is there ANYTHING else it can be wired to so that the switch can be used WITHOUT having to turn the knob to ignition but only need the key nearby. In other words just be near the bike wih the key and the switch will work.
    Any ideas?


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    Flhx08, welcome to the HDTimeline forum and your first technical post. Need clarification of a few things before I can respond.

    1) Did you contact the Power Locks maker and ask how they would wire the unit, knowing how this problem with alarm security issue being circumvented?

    2) Did the HD dealer install the system and discovered this problem?

    3) Since you know that you need to turn and lock the ignition knob...I think the HD dealer believes you should lock everything down and not just walk away.

    I presume you want everything to automatically go in secure mode because you expect "forget" to shut and not lock everything down...
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    Hi NEWHD74FAN, thx for the response. I did not contact the lock manufacturersince it was a Harley part and assumed (maybe wrongfully) they they knew the proper wiring.
    My dealer was just as surprised with the problem and thinks it may be why the power lock accessory option is no longer available and even with me it only came with JUST the remotes until I asked for the fairing mounted switch.
    I understand that locking everything is an answer but it seems odd to have to remember to lock everything down that after going thru the expense of installing an option that is supposed to make life easier.
    There has to be a wiring solution to this.