08 speedo not at zero when stoped

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by fxdcTim, May 30, 2009.

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    hello, I have 3k, on my 08 superglide custom. at my 1k service a MC shop that I used -also lubed my clutch cable. Not being experienced enough, when they adjusted the cable, I was informed that it would feel tighter and different but i would get used to it. I believe it was to tight. 4 strands broke,on the clutch cable. i changed the cable and it feels increadable. im shifting great and enjoying the ride. I do have a problem that I noticed that the speedo is not at dead zero when i stop. Now I get the feeling that my speedo is not right. Would changing the cable have any effect on the speedo? I will get some one to help clock me with a car on a staight away tomorrow. It sure does feel like a completely different bike with the new cable. I wonder why....is it just that I got used to the bike and no longer feel the overwheelming power of it ? It can swear shifting somtimes almost threw me back and almost off the seat, like a rocket.....
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    Hi, firstly in reply to service,

    Never use that MC shop again, and take your hog directly to an authorized HD service shop ,or a recommended HD mechanic and get them to check out your sled thouroughly and correct any anomolies found.

    HD's are far to valuable to be entrusted to non HD qualified motor mechanics.

    seriously i know its expensive to use the HD qualified people , but in 99% of cases they do the job to the correct standard, and on the rare occasion they don't you at least have some come back , by contacting HD directly if need be.

    Get your sled checked out in case they messed anything else up,

    safe riding buddy.
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    From what I've seen & read, I think 99% is a bit high. On average I would say that an independent mechanic with his own business (with good references) would be a better bet than the unknown mechanic that may work on your bike at the dealership.