08 Night Train front end

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    Hi there Dudes and Dudettes
    A couple of questions I hope someone out there can help with.
    1. I have a 08 Harley Night Train and am wanting to replace my standard forks with a 3 or 5 degree rake set. Do I need to go for a 2 inch over set or does this raise the bike too much.
    2. I want to go for a matt black set, any suggestions where I can purchase these.I live in New Zealand so will need a supplier who will ship to here.
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    AME seems to be the best kit on the market.There is some usefull reading on old posts if you simply enter "raking front end" in the search window above.A 3 or 5 degree rake doesnt seem like much of a change.

    AME 14 Degree Bolt-ON Chopper Kit Fits Harley FX