08 Frt End & Fuel leak

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    08 Fat Boy.
    From just north of Saigon it's a long way to the HD parts department. After hooking the fuel line back up to the check valve, fuel was leaking by the o-ring. Destroyed it during removal and found one localy that I had to sand down to fit. Thought it fit well, but when starting the bike the pressure was blowing fuel by the o-ring.

    Maybe the rubber was harder than original and scratches from the emery cloth didn't allow a good seat. Will try again and work down to very fine sandpaper finish.

    The auxillary lights don't take the punishment of these road. Have replaced many at $50+ a pop. Front end has been lowered and I don't think the preload on the springs allow for any more. I have 5W oil in now, do you think a heavier oil will dampen the shock? Is special fork oil a must, or are there alternatives??

    Appreciate any info and comments.
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    OK, I see the problem more clearly.

    It looks like the check valve will separate, if you take the teflon feed line off, but even if it does I don't want to do that here. If it breaks I am (EDIT). So I am doing this all from the outside-in.

    When I insert the fuel line into the check valve it's pushing the test o-ring below the race it is supposed to sit in. My replacement test o-ring feels like a little softer rubber, so I thinks I'll have to try find a harder one and shave it a little thinner.
    Hope for luck!

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