08 Dyna Front Brake Rotor

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by motorman4566, Jan 20, 2009.

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    No luck with member of other Blogs...

    I received a chrome front end kit for Xmas and wonder has anyone changed the front disk rotor on a 08 or newer super glide. Harley only lists the Black center Disk...I am looking for chrome one....

    Did harley change the brake system in 08 is this the issue with not using the older listed floting disks
  2. glider

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    They went to the ABS on the 08 touring models and some of the wheel bearings as well as axles are different sizes.
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    I did some looking on Harley's website to keep me from mis-speaking, which I may still end up doing. I don't see any front rotors listed for the 06 and later Dynas. The way I read it, the black-centered floating rotors are only listed for the front up to 05.

    I ran into this same thing last year. I built a 21" front wheel for my 06 FXDI. I used a Street Bob hub. After a lot of unsucessful searching, I tried the standard rotor which came on the front of many Harleys over the past 10 years, a 44156-00. It fit fine. I later purchased a OEM Street Bob floating rotor which I use now. I had about 3000 miles on the 44156-00 with no issues.

    The 09s come with a 25mm front axle. The 06-07s had a 1" axle. I don't believe this difference affects the rotor fitment because I believe the same hub was used; only the bearings and axles changed.

    Hope this offers you something credible.

    Good luck!