07 low idle speed after warmed up.

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    I have a 07 hdegc had since new,this is my 1st post here so bear with me guys.I am having an issue with low idle speed that seems to be getting worse over time.I have searched various threads and still at a loss.Bike has 36k miles the only upgrades to bike are a big sucker breather and added a Dobeck TFI over yr ago.The low idle speed issue used to only happen on real hot days from day one. Dealer had a ecm upgrade recall which I had done @ 10000 mile range. This only helped with a knocking sound under load. I have new fuel supply line and filter in tank,last 8000 miles.My plugs don't show any indication of lean or rich.I have changed them a few times always factory original.I am wondering if I may have issue with the cylinder temp. sensor the bike runs fine initially After I have been at speed and riding short time,when I come to stop idle can run down as low as 700. I can throttle up to 1000 no problem while stopped, if I hold there a while bike will eventually idle on its own ok.I also can shut bike off for a min., then restart, Idles fine. I have seen threads before about the rear cylinder shutting down for cooling engine when hot, I am unable to find anything in previous threads to help.any input appreciated.I am also planning on putting new battery on bike as this is original 5.5 yrs old and now notice voltage drop to 12 if idle below 1000 rpm.
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    I have no direct knowledge to help with your problem, hopefully others will suggest air passages etc. in the throttle body which can be checked and cleaned if necessary. Others have reported many strange and seemingly unrelated things happening as a battery slowly fails, my suggestion is to go ahead and replace the battery before doing anything else expensive. If the new battery doesn't help, you were still planning on replacing anyway. Run the machine for a day or two after the new battery is installed to let everything re-set before doing anything else.
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    thank you for input I am replacing battery once shop open tomorrow but still feel that has nothing to do with it since this has been on going problem since day one. thinking more along lines of leaks and or dirty injection,possibly resistance problem connections or sensors thanks again.
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    There have been a couple of issues with '07 idle. Here's a link to one in the self help area. Since your problem has been since new, and the dealer downloaded the ECM fix, this may help.

    I couldn't find the other one Hmmmmmm.

    My '07 had the problems you describe. The problem was the IAC (intake air control) passage had some debris in it. I squirted throttle body cleaner into the small hole that is at 12:00 position, just in front of the butterfly, and have not had the problem reoccur in 2 years.
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    make sure you charge the battery at a low rate overnight before installing it.
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    I would also check the connections to the injectors real good. With the TFI install, they may not have gotten seated properly.
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    I cant help you but this is what mine was doing,when cold sometimes would idle so low it would die,coming back from sturgis in 2010 after long straight runs the idle would be very high until I came to a stop then would be normal,or if I hit the kill switch and restarted would go to normal.After doing everything everyone on this board suggested and still having intermittent problems gave it to the dealer.They could not find anything wrong naturally it never does it when they have it,they repaired several things under warranty so had the bike a while,they mentioned while they had it the battery had to be charged it died on me a few weeks later,replaced battery it has never done it again..was it the battery?I cant honestly say but if you suspect yours is weak needs to be changed anyway...
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    thanks for input i will check these things
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    I am suspect of the battery, once charged and installed I will let you know. I was wondering about the need to remap bike after the Bigsucker aircleaner but dealer said no need to?????