07 fxst detacheable saddlebag question.

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by blubottle, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. blubottle

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    i have 07 FXST and thinking of getting a detacheble saddlebag system. Ive seen the one that harley is offering but im really not interested in that... Im trying to avoid relocating my rear turn signals. Also I have a detacheable backrest...Ive heard of the EZ brackets and Edge brackets as well and very much interested in em but my dilemma is picking the right bag. Anybody know of a good combination ez/edge brackets and saddlebag?

    Boss bags are awesome but not within my price range...

    Any input would be appreciated, thanks..
  2. Demoniarch

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    I run throw overs on my bike, always have. The first year though I did... I ended up sawing a hole through the bottom from the rear brake disc, I was lucky my leather jacket was in the opposite side bag. haha
    Only cut the bag and splashed some oil around.

    Guess they sell brackets for a reason. :ap