07 FLSTC oil check

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by claugh, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. claugh

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    07 FLSTC
    I would like feedback on the proper reading of the oil level. The manual indicates to set on jiffy, and top off to full mark.

    I have found that when I fill to the top and then take a good ride till hot, the SYN3 oil expands enough to cause some performance degredation. I have also noticed that the overall level when hot is above the full mark. However, a cold check on the stick shows much less than full, but between the add and full marks.

    I have also noticed on a fresh oil change with SYN3, after priming filter and adding to about 1/3 full, then running the engine, the level is less than full, but after a long ride till hot, idle for 2 minutes, and checking, it registers at the full mark.

    What do you think?
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    Hobbit has it covered, fill to between the two marks when cold. It will expand when hot and you don't want it to be overfull.
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    Thanks for the input.
    Only have 5k on it and know to check hot and on jiff.
    The confusion came with 1k interval service at dealer. Got 'er home and checked the level the next morning when cold, which registered full. This was a dealer oil change from OE to SYN3...
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    Check out the self-help section on here for info. concerning maybe a different oil than Syn3. especially if you have it in all the holes.