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    Ive read everything I can find on vibrations, and checked everything I can think of. been chassing a vibration for a few weeks with no results, Ive checked mounts and every bolt that I can. I had a problem with a loose muffler and have fixed that other than the bushing that holds it is a lil loose in the bracket. My vibration seems to be rpm specific at 2500 rpm. any help would be appreciated
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    Is your oil pressure holding steady? The 96" motor has been known to experience "crankshaft shearing" due to the pressed crank pin. It throws the crankshaft runout out of tolerance and usually results in the oil pump eating itself. If you can't find anything else wrong, I'd suggest doing a crankshaft run-out and see if that may be causing your problems. Do you have extended service plan on the bike? If so, and that's the problem, what better time to do the 103" upgrade?
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    Oil psi is @ 32 at cruising, also it seems that the vibe kinda lessens then gets worse at times, wierd as (EDIT)

    Please read and understand the info in this link below...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Harley Davidson Community :s This may shrd some light, there is more info in the self help section, use the search box with key words crank run out
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    Does the vibration happen worse in all gears at 2500 RPM's or just certain ones. Also where are you feeling the vibration most, in the handle bars, floorboards, through the seat, front or rear of the bike, etc.
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    Excellent question. If you're always in the same gear when you feel the vibration at 2500 RPM, then you're also at the same SPEED and it could be speed related. What about just sitting still with the bike in neutral and the engine at a steady 2500 RPM? Is it the same on different types of road surfaces? Bike tracking straight ahead vs. in a turn?
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    Have you recently changed something? Tires, did a wheel weight fall off, add a new accessory? Tighten the drive belt?

    I have been chasing a vibration myself for the last month, after I changed the front motor mount. I have had to go through everything from front to rear and check all adjustments, torques, fork fluid levels.

    Where your vibration is coming from could be an indicator.
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    A recent refinement to the ECM calibration of 2007 Big Twin
    model motorcycles will smooth the torque curve application
    in a manner that minimizes high shock loads to drive train
    components, which could cause engine damage. For example,
    high shock loads could result from lugging the engine
    during hard acceleration while operating under 1500 RPM.
    This refinement enhances the drive characteristics for the
    new Twin Cam engine and, on some models, improves fuel
    economy during certain steady state driving conditions.
    Since Harley-Davidson is committed to a course of
    continuous improvement, this ECM calibration change was
    recently incorporated into all 2007 Big Twin model
    motorcycles on the production line.
    Furthermore, in the interest of promoting customer satisfaction,
    Harley-Davidson has decided to offer a current production
    equivalent ECM calibration upgrade at no charge to all
    owners of 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles manufactured
    prior to implementation of the calibration change. This offer
    includes stock production, Police and CVO motorcycles, and
    also those that have subsequently had P&A street legal performance
    calibrations installed. This calibration upgrade offer
    is valid from now to the end of the motorcycle’s warranty
    Motorcycles Affected
    All 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles built by early November,
    2006. A VIN list specific to vehicles shipped to your dealership
    is available via h-dnet.com and is no longer attached to
    mailed bulletins. This list may be found by following this path:
    h-dnet.com/Service/Safety Campaign and Product Campaign/
    Product Campaign and Open VIN Lists. Select
    0903 campaign to view the VIN list.
    __________________ This is a long shot but worth checking into, it should have already been done a few bikes slipped through mine did, u can check with any dealer or the MOCO web site with your VIN:s
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    all gears definatly rpm related, feel in seat and boards
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    Hope it is not crank run out, do you have any Warranty?