'07 DYNA Street Bob-Cuts out - eng & mileage-while driving

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by AZRobert, Feb 21, 2012.

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    :helpPurchased bike 05/11 @ approx 7,500 miles - now has 9,600 miles.
    This morning, after going approx 3 miles-cruising at around 50 mph- Engine cut out. Checked display and odometer was blank.
    Grabbed clutch a few times and it began running again after what seemed like a long few seconds.

    Something similar happened last fall (around October) only it didn't restart. Got bike towed home thinking that I just needed a battery. Opened it up and found negative terminal cracked and cable not connected. I was able to reconnect by a few threads and restart(original battery).
    I replaced battery with a AGM Deka battery. I laid battery on its back and put a little loctite at bottom of terminal to stop from loosening - carefull not to get all over threads so that electrical connection would not be inhibited.
    If bike is going to sit for more than a few days, I plug it into a bettery tender (it was plugged in this morning before I left).

    I checked connections and everything seems tight. What could be going out after less than 10,000 miles (ok, and 5 years) - Help!!
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    Did the lights stop working? If the engine quit and the lights went out, then I would suspect a bad ground at the battery. If the lights still work then it could be a bad connection at the ignition switch.
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    I'm guessing since your in AZ bike has not been sitting for any length of time, but my experience that was similar to that all led to the battery, plus some winter condensation in the tank, I believe.

    Try some seafoam in the tank, fill it up good, as you appear to have already done, verify the connections are all good.

    Only other thing that could possibly be is a stator going bad...Do a search on Dyna Stator, lots of information on it here.
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    If you are sure that the battery cable ends are good may be worth checking the other ends of the two cables as they can come loose/get corroded

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    Thanks for the speedy replies - will try this weekend
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    Ran the diagnostics when I got home - b1007 - Is there a chance that I could only need a voltage regulator?
    And if so, anyone have suggestions (besides the Dealer) where I should pick it up?

    I have the manuals (actually bought them - even had them split up into 2 volumes, spiral bound and laminated the covers - I got that great idea here somewhere), and I'm used to working on cars so I don't mind tackling this on my own. I just don't want to have to "fix" it more than once.
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    Harley Davidson Community follow this link first to rule out any other problems, you can use any after market regulator tho I have had good luck with OEM
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