07 883L needs shocks & front springs!

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    What lengths Progressive 412"s and what load front springs is recommended? I weigh 200 lbs.
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    Hello there i have the exact same bike a 2007 xl883L in black cherry pearl. Man i love this bike, I put progressive suspension 412 11.5 inch shocks on it just after i bought it because the stock shocks were really bad stiff as(EDIT) , the 412's made a huge difference in the ride and comfort . and i just recently put the progressive front springs in and WOW its like a whole different bike . 1000% better it is smoother , softer over bumps , and the handleing is way better . i cant think of words to explain just how happy i am with the suspension upgrade , but it was one of the best things i ever did for the bike and my riding. hope this helps you decide i dont think youll go wrong with the progressive setup. :bigsmiley12:

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