06 Ultra CB Low Transmit Power?

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by lafdbuf, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Help. Anyone with info on SWR for CB's? Stock antenna broke off from vibration and new harley shorty doesn't seem to be working, or ?. What's strange is the coil in tour-pak measures direct short from radio end center conductor to ground. Also from center of coil connector in tour-pak to ground.

    When coil is viewed from bottom, center of antenna cable has continunity to antenna AND ground. This is on more than one 06 harley. The coil has a "center tap". This continunity to ground is probably correct.

    My SWR is at 4? Could be bad (new) antenna? Can someone verify this direct continunity to ground in antenna system?

    Any suggestions???????

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    In 2009 Harley put the load coil in the antenna they took out of the tour pac check the package it came in a check to make sure you have the correct one they look identical and are marked identical don't ask how i know.