06 StreetGlide Radio Not Calibrated

Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by Benner, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Benner

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    Looking for help to resolve my radio calibration issue for 06 Streetglide

    Says Radio not Calibrated then Beeps 3 times about every 10 seconds, even when CD player is in use.

    Any suggestions, help, advise...This is driving me insane.


  2. Jack Klarich

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    How to access the radio’s diagnostic display:

    1. Press the eject button and remove any CD.
    2. Press and hold any two softkeys (numbered buttons 1-6) then turn the ignition switch to ON.
    3. Once the H-D logo is displayed, the radio’s software does a complete switch check, scans for current DTC’s, and then displays the radio diagnostic display.
    4. Release the sofkeys ONLY after the radio diagnostic display appears.
    5. If there are shorted switches, the display will show a DTC and brief description of the source/cause of the problem.
    6. If there are no shorted switches (or other DTC’s) the radio display will read “Diag Test” and allow several functions, e.g. checking the switches, checking the software version, etc.
    · If a switch is functioning properly, the display shows the switch name and “OK.”
    · Verify that the switch you are checking is the switch identified in the display. Because of the switch wiring, the display may show “OK” but the switch identified in the display may not be the one you are testing, so you need to verify.


    B0563 Battery voltage high
    B2006 Radio switch stuck or open
    B2007 Handlebar switch shorted high
    B2008 Handlebar switch shorted low
    B2009 Handlebar switch stuck or open
    B2010 Passenger switch shorted high
    B2011 Passenger switch shorted low
    B2012 Passenger switch stuck or open
    B2016 Front speakers shorted
    B2017 Front speakers open (but see Note at bottom of thread if you've installed an amplifier.)
    B2018 Front speakers shorted to ground
    B2019 Front speakers shorted to battery
    B2020 Rear speakers shorted
    B2021 Rear Speakers open
    B2022 Rear speakers shorted
    B2023 Rear speakers shorted to battery

    U1016 J1850 lost communications (comm.) with ECM
    U1300 J1850 bus shorted low
    U1301 J1850 bus shorted high
    U1302 Infotainment bus off error
    U1304 Infotainment bus lost comm. with future
    U1305 Same as U1304
    U1306 Infotainment lost comm.with hands-free phone module
    U1307 Infotainment lost comm. with CB
    U1308-U1312 Infotainment bus lost comm. with future
    U1313 Infotainment bus lost comm. with navigation
    U1314 Infotainment bus lost comm. with navigation
    U1315-1316 Infotainment bus lost comm. with future
    U1317 Infotainment bus lost comm. with high output amplifier


    1 Radio Inoperative
    2 Poor or No Reception
    3 Static Present with Engine Running
    4 CB Transmitter inoperative and SWR Adjustment
    5 CB Receiver Inoperative
    6 Intercom Inoperative
    7 Handheld Microphone/PTT Inoperative
    8 Speaker Switch Malfunction
    9 Headset Speakers Inoperative
    10 No or Low Audio From Microphone
    11 No or Low Audio with High Output Amplifier
    12 No or Low Audio From XM or XM Inoperative
    13 XM – No or intermittent Reception
    14 Navigation Inoperative
    15 AVC Inoperative
    16 Handlebar, passenger or sidecar switches inoperative
    17 CD skipping
    18 Hands-free Phone Module Inoperative
    No or low audio to hands-free phone module I dont know if this helps or not but it is a good read
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  3. HDDon

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    Did this just start happening? What was the last thing that you or someone else changed on the bike?
  4. dbmg

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    You may have to see dealer and have bike put on digitech. It sound like bike needs to be set up for U.S. spec.... I have seen in the past that the radio goes into transit type mode like before it was prepped when new.