06 1200C Looking to change to stock mufflers

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by TR Gregg, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I have recently acquired a 2006 XL1200C. The bike has come with a modified muffler with no baffle. The previous owner re-jetted with a 180 main, 1 shim on the needle, 45 pilot jet, and 2.5 turns on the air screw. I have the stock mufflers and I would like to put them back on.

    The question is can I swap mufflers without having to readjust the carb? Also, can I simply pull the mufflers without loosening the pipe at the head?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    2006 XL1200C

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    Welcome to the HDTimeline forum...TRGregg...and your first post. The mods done will be fine with the stock mufflers put on...no adjustment should be necessary...is the air cleaner stock or aftermarket? If not stock, definitely leave the jetting and setup alone, richer is fine if your fuel mileage is right around 45mpg. :)

    The muffler probably is a "slip-on" even though "baffle less". Take a look where the two crossover connections are hidden underneath look for a clamp where it attaches, otherwise you may have "one piece pipes". :D

    Tell us how things go, and take some before and after pix to cover your troubleshooting steps, especially if you are not using a service manual or procedure. Trust me, make sure you write down things and label everything you take apart. Different length fasteners and such will drive you crazy if you do not follow an organized plan.:s
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    Thank you for the feed back. They are indeed "slip ons" and the crossover is intact. I should receive the crossover gasket on Monday. I will make the switch then.

    It is relief to not have to fiddle with the carb. I have always been taught that carburetor is a french word for "leave-it-alone". However, with that being said, I was out riding it the other evening and found the end of the main tank capacity. Switched it to reserve and went and found a gas station. After fill-up I did the math... 35 mpg. Do you recommend re-jetting to improve gas mileage?
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    Well swapped out the mufflers and everything is running fine. BIG difference in the decibels.

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    My suggestion is to try the bike out and NO getting on the throttle... Check your mileage and IF you are NOT getting at least 45 mpg You need to think about the jetting.. It doesn't sound High jetted ,,,, IF the low end still idles BEST at the 2 to 2.5 turns out ,,checked when warmed, the low jet is good...

    The high speed jets up-down in increments of .005... the shim on the needle CAN make a difference also... The stock setting (remove the washer-spacer)is probably better for you.. Your ride style = MPG...It may run best and get best Mileage using a .175 or .170 jet... My thought is the .175 to try.. and Remove the spacer..

    These bikes like NEWHD74FAN says should be in the 45 mpg range no lower..

    My 06 1200 R gets 48 constant and I don't baby it..easy on it gets 48/50.

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    I put slip on pipes on mine. No adjustment necessary