06 1200 low starter issue.

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    Lately my starter drags a little. I let off and try again and it fires up like normal. Almost like a dead battery but the second time I hit it everything works fine. Hot or cold, doesn't matter. In gear or neutral, doesn't matter. I have a new battery and checked all the connections. I know I'm suppose to wait until all the lites go off before I start the bike but I noticed several times, just experimenting, I found it started like it should if I started cranking it before they went off. A good mechanic friend told me these high compression bikes will tend to do this and kinda suggested maybe I should start looking into a higher torque starter, maybe something made by Hitachi. This is sort of a minor issue but sometimes it's (EDITED) irritating. It's a 2006 XL1200L with 7900 miles on it and I've been running syn3 oil all around for a few thousand miles. Other than this it's a great ride and any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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