05 Ultra Classic Electra Glide Radio

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by eagle13, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. eagle13

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    I was setting my clock and some how I can't get my radio volume to come on, can some one tell me how to correct this? Thanks
  2. jimharvey1

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    I'm assuming you have the system turned on but I found out (the hard way) that if you have something plugged into the aux jack, you have to select aux mode to control the volume on that "channel". If you don't and it is selected for FM Radio, it will turn the radio up...which you won't hear because of the aux device being plugged in and playing. That is until the velcro lets go of your $300 Ipod Touch and it falls to the road snatching the aux cord's mini plug out of the front of the stereo face. The radio will then revert to whatever volume you inadvertently turned it up to blasting your helmet nearly off your head taking your mind completely off the forementioned $300 Ipod which is now doing cartwheels in the highway.

    To make this story short, make sure you have the system on and selected with the mode switch to whatever you are trying to adjust.