03 heritage- inter speedo turn sigs & odometer any suggestions??

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by jeff L, Oct 14, 2008.

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    I've got a03 injected heritage classic I bought a couple of months ago and today I noticed my speedo,turn signals and odometer went out- I did about 20 miles hiway like that as I came off the exit and stopped at the light she seemed to be idleing real low and seemed like she wanted to die out. I got on it throught the 1st 3 gears and then it all lit back up no issues. once I got home I tried to get it to act up again but no luck, any one have any I deas where to turn?? I'm lookin for some ideas before I buy the diagnostic manual and try and fumble my way thru it any way any info ismuchappreciated thanx jeff
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    If you check around here, you will see that lots of folks have similar experiences. Yours is not that uncommon (see this post Glider Please Help - Harley Davidson Community). Go through some basics:

    1. Get the HD Factory Service Manual. You can check under Downloads above and see if we have it there.

    2. Make sure your battery terminal connections are good by taking them off, cleaning both sides of the connection, and then resecuring.

    3. Check your ground connections. There are a few of them, so check around.

    4. Make sure all the plugs are secure to the control modules. On my bike, these are behind the plastic covers below the seat on both sides.

    5. Check to see if your main circuit breaker is 40 amp or 50 amp. If 40, replace it with a 50. (Main Circuit Breaker Replacement (FL's) - Harley Davidson Community)

    6. Check for any stored trouble codes (00-03 HD Codes And Activation - Harley Davidson Community)

    See if this helps. Let us know.

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    Thanks for the advice/info fellas, I'll try it out andlet you know what I come up with, thanks again, Jeff:bigsmiley23:
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    Did you check the fuses?
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    Hey Jeff...fellow Heritage owner with the identical issue. My dash went out and I took it to a dealer here in Northern Virginia. The issue was a blown fuse. They replaced it and I was on my way. Two weeks later, it happened again. Took it back to the same dealer and they seemed to think it was my ignition switch causing the short. They cleaned the leads on the switch, replaced the fuse, I ordered a new ignition switch and was on my way again. Took it back in a week or so later and had them replace the ignition switch to prevent the problem from happening again. Two weeks later, while crusing through Virginia Beach.....BAM!! it happens again. This time I take it to a VA Beach dealer and they find the real problem. Apparently my front tire was rubbing against the wiring for my front fender tip light. Whenever it would get wet or damp, it would short that particular circuit. They unplugged my fender tip light at the connection on the front left side of my gas tank and I have been fine ever since. Havent had a chance to pull the front tire and fix the wiring but no more blown dash light fuses.....

    If you havent got your problem fixed, I hope this helps.