'03 FLSTH Carb Won't Start (security system?)

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Hobo63109, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Hello -

    I have a 2003 Heritage, carbureted, that won't start. The battery is charged, all lights function, when the start button is depressed the solenoid clicks, the lights flicker a bit and the security key on the speedometer lights up. The diagnostic check turns up the following: d01Clr - d10Clr, PPU, 82883. I'm clueless here. Anybody?
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    The info you posted doesn't relate to any stored codes. If your solenoid is clicking and the starter doesn't engage, your problem could be the contacts in the solenoid or a bad starter.
    Much easier to open up the solenoid and check the contacts for condition. You could also jump the bike wiring with a piece of 14 gauge wire directly from the POS of the battery to the smalll terminal that has the green wire on it on the solenoid to verify the condition of the start system wiring and relay on the bike. If the problem is in the starter wiring on the bike, the engine will crank when you do this so make sure it's in neutral.

    You might want to remove and clean your battery cable connections too. NEG off first and on last.