03 Fatboy Key problem

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by 70rose, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. 70rose

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    Just got my 2003 Fatboy.
    It belonged to a friend that passed away 11 months ago.
    When I got it I knew it needs a starter and battery.
    Get it home and the key will not turn to unlock the knob! :(
    Tried WD-40 no luck.
    How can I remedy this?
    Im leaning toward using pliers to try and bust the lock loose but, don't even know if that would work and don't want to damage anything.
    Anyone familiar with this happening? Anyone know what I can do?
  2. dbmg

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    Take the title, owners manual to dealer and they can run VIN on Harley data base and it will give you key number. Go to parts dept and order new key that belongs to VIN. Has previous owner ever had lock change?? Possibly why key inop and previous solution may not work unless dealer changed lock and added key number to data base. A good dealer should be able to help and advise you. Forcing and breaking can become a large hassle.:(
  3. Amish Hawg

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    Just a "coke key", right? that's what I refer to them as anyway. the type of key that opens a coke machine.

    I'm going out to look at mine
  4. stray dog

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    The key should also work in the fork lock. If it doesn't, you got the wrong key.
  5. tourbox

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    I think if you pull/cut off the black plastic cover off the back half of the key, the code is stamped on it. You could then verify with the VIN # as dbmg stated in post #2.
  6. TQuentin1

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    Stray Dog has your answer here. If you try the key on the fork and it works, then the original owner had to have the switch changed out and it has a different key. HD may be able to find the maintenance history on the bike if you know where the original owner was taking it for service.

    If the maintenance history of the bike is not available, you may have to have the key switch changed out. Remember, if the key works in the fork, and you do not want to have two different keys for the main switch and fork, that will have to be changed out too. That is a fairly involved process.

    In the mean time, the dash is only held on with one fastener. You can get to the bottom of the switch by removing the dash. That may allow you to jumper the ignition so that you can at least start the bike and work on other things while you are waiting on HD to get the keys/locks.



    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF your keys DIDN'T Fit OR are the wrong ones...Read Below:

    I lost a barrel key. I went to HD with my bike...
    They do business with me and KNOW Me Well...BUT he still went out and took the Vin# off the bike I own and compared it to the work orders they showed in my name... (safety he said)

    IF and I say IF you have done business with that dealer AND they know you?
    You probably will HAVE to have the bike TITLE in your name/hand to get Keys ordered...

    I ordered mine (TWO is what they send) and in a week they sent TWO keys to that dealer (using my Vin# to order them) and I HAD to sign I received them.

    WHY you ask.... Think if I wanted the bike down the street and got that vin# and ordered a set of keys....Hmmmmmm Boy would that HD shop be in trouble...

    Imagine that being your bike and it got stolen because someone got a set of Keys made at HD Company using your Vin#......

    So go prepared with the proper paper work to SHOW ownership.:s

    They Don't cut the barrel key at ANY HD shop... Orders Have to to thru the Mothership using the Vin#...

    I think the Two keys were less than 20$ for Both...