03 EFI Ultra Cutting out

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by wurz, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. wurz

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    My 2003 ultra (stage 1 with a V+H fuel Pak) has cut out a couple of times during a run. So far it has been towards the end of a 50m plus ride. All engine power goes, no lights speedo, gauges, radio as if the battery has disconnected.
    When I turn the ignition off then back on it restarts. The last time it did this (Sunday) It started straight away but would not initially tick over. When I reclycled it again it ran perfectly.
    When it last cut I was doing a steady speed, the time before it was in traffic but I was moving when it went, at no time was the engine under any real load nor did it feel particularly hot, oil pressure good.
    Given it started straight back up I am not inclined to think it is the 40 amp breaker, my experience of these bimetalic breakers on the shovel is they take a while to reset (I could be wrong as this is my first non shovel).
    The engine light is coming back on after initial initialisation for 6-8 seconds making me think it has thrown an error code but I have been unable to retrieve anything. I have tried the wire loop in 1+2 of the data plug and the efi instructions in the clymer manual (to turn the ignition switch on and off) but to no avail.
    Dont know if it is connected but it has only ever done it when my misses is on the back, could it be the extra load? She is a lightweight unlike me.
    Bike is currently running fine but I am worried this will happen again. I have had a good look around checked the usual cuprets (battery, corrodeded contacts etc

    Any clues?
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    With a complete loss of power as you are describing, the immediate question is if you have removed both battery cables from both ends, cleaned both sides of both connections and reinstalled / tightened (neg off first - on last)?

    If that is all good, then I would swap out the CB. I think there is a suggestion on here to upgrade to a 50 amp breaker. See here:

    Harley Davidson Forums

    Those two things are the easiest / quickest things to do first. If the problem persists, then the main switch (key switch not run switch) is the next suspect. More involved and more money.

    Let us know.


  3. wurz

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    Well it has not cut out for a while but will be changing the circuit breaker as a precaution. Could not get codes by using a wire bridge on the diagnostic plug or by any of the othr ways suggested (including that in the clymer manual). I did get access to a harley code reder and got P1651 H. Reader says it is an unknown code, I wonder if it is anything to do with the fuelpak.

    I also pulled off the ecm ID 32789-02B any idea what this means is it a build/part number. Any help apreciated.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    That is a part number for the eCM the B is a second production A would be first year build and so on
  5. tourbox

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    Jack would be correct. However looking at 2003 FLHTCUI it has a new ECM # of 32534-11.
    As far as retrieving codes, when switching the ign. on/off per your Clymer manual did you remove the jumper from pins 1 & 2 on the data plug, it should not be on there when doing the ign. switching.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Check engine light open/low
    This could be a bad ECM
    Have you tried this for checking your codes with out a reader?
  7. ranman56756

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    I have a 03 ultra. Recentlty i replaced the 50 amp and found that my negative battery was loose. Put in a new 50 amp. Retivhtened the battery down a vowla runs like a champ again. Before this would run then just die. No lights nothing. Wait for awhile starts up n runs again. And sometimes ran with NO ISSUES???? Weird but found the problem.

    Also retrieving the codes push the trip meter in hold then turn the ignition " on
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  8. Jeff Klarich

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    Thanks for the heads up, hopefully your fix will help others with the same symptoms.