'02 Wide Glide Windsheild upgrade and buffeting

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    Running an '02 Wide Glide and I currently have the Harley Sport Windsheild (Part number 91820-85A) and I get a LOT of wind buffeting at anything over about 80 kph (50 mph). This is a pretty small windsheild and I got it with the bike. Height above the headlight is 16.5 inches, and it's narrow.

    I'm thinking of moving up to the Detachable Compact Standard Height windsheild. The height above the headlight for this one is 18.6, so really only 2 inches higher, but it's much wider.

    My question: Would the upgrade reduce buffeting significantly? I realize there's a lot more to buffeting than just the height of the screen (my '85 Honda Nighthawk had a bikini fairing with no buffeting at all), but I'm hoping someone has some real-life experience with it. The new windsheild is nearly $600 here in Canada, hence my paranoia!

    Thanks folks!


    Sorry, should have been more specific - it's Helmet buffeting I'm speaking about.
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    You are right in saying that there are a lot of factors that contribute to buffeting. How tall you sit in the saddle is one of them. Generally speaking, I like a wind shield to be about 2" below my line of sight. That setup keeps the bugs out of my teeth and I get only a light buffet on the top of my helmet. Short shields may look sporty but comfort is where it's at for me.

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    I have an 07 Wide Glide with the standard height detachable.

    With the w/s as high as it will go on the forks and if there is any wind at all, my helmet shakes like crazy usually above 65 mph.

    One day I decided to test it out. Got on the freeway with w/s as high as it would go - major head shake.

    Took the w/s off and made the same run. No head shake. Felt pressure on my upper body and could feel sand, dirt or something hitting my chin and neck. The ride seemed at lot more fun.

    Put the w/s down as far as it would go and made the same run. Some head shake but not nearly as bad and some sanding of the chin but not bad.

    So far I have left it low. I am guessing I am looking about 4 inches above the top edge. Others have mentioned this but the turbulance seems to be coming from below. With the forward controls, I think it just climbs up your leg. I can tell a difference if I hug the tank tightly or lean my legs out.

    With the w/s off the wind noise bothers me more. I wear a 3/4 with a face shield and with the w/s high a gust can raise the face shield and inch or so. This pretty much convinces me it is coming from below.

    I may add some Rifle lowers. They mount on the fork so you can adjust however you want. For now I am just going to keep the w/s at the lowest position. Others have changed the angle tilting it back more but stock it is already tilted back some.

    It would be great if you could find someone who would let you try their w/s. Good luck.
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    Check out the new windshields available through Klockwerks. They were designed in a wind tunnel and are selling like crazy.
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