02 FXD gas tank

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by noiddodge, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. noiddodge

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    I have an '02 FXD, i want a 5 gal fat bob tank on it. Service manager says super frame is different from all other dyna's that year, so the wide glide tank will not fit "as is".....I'm sure many people have done this swap....HELP !!!!!

    I want to get it painted this winter, but i kinda need to decide what tank is gonna be on it before that happens...
  2. thomaskray

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    It absolutely can be done. I DID IT! I put a 1999 Wide Glide tank on my 2002 FXD. Everything was pretty much bolt on. The only tricky part is getting the wiring for the dash to hook up. You have to make a wiring harness for the speedo and indicators.

    I got a tank and dash on ebay for around $250.

    Then I got blow up digrams from my dealer with all the part numbers.

    Then I ordered everything from zanottis.com and saved a bunch of money.

    In total, I got about $750 in the conversion.