02 camshaft upgrade

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by lrbrooks, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I want to upgrade camshaft on my 02 dyna I need to know exactly which parts I need to do this oil pump etc.. I don't want to buy things I won't need also I don't want a radical grind on camshaft but a medium one would be great if someone could help me Thanks
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    Welcome to The Forum, Harley Davidson Engine Related Issues | Archive | HDTimeline.Com Have a look in here:D
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    Several options once you open the cam chest. Among them are the following:

    1. Is the intake and exhaust already upgraded to Stage I?
    2. When replacing cams, there are two ways to go at it. You can remove rocker box covers, loosen rocker arm supports and pull pushrods from the top; or, you can cut existing pushrods with bolt cutters and replace them with adjustable pushrods. It's a labor vs cost decision; or perhaps just a personal preference.
    3. Do you plan to upgrade the cam chest with the later model cam plate, roller chain(s), higher capacity oil pump and hydraulic tensioners. If so, there are a couple of ways to do that. Or, you can retain the OEM parts and just replace the tensioners. Nothing wrong with the early setup once you replace the OEM spring loaded tensioners shoes with the CYCO tensioner shoes.
    4. The inner cam bearings should be upgraded to the full compliment cam bearing.
    5. The outer cam bearings should be replaced.
    6. Cam options? There are several, SE203/204, Andrews 26 or the S&S 509. You are lift limited by the '02 valve springs to cams with lifts that do not exceed about .510".

    Seveal things to think about. If you don't have the service manual for your bike, you should get one if you plan on a DIY project.