01 Ultra, Diagnostic code 16

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    Ok, I'm new.
    And maybe a bit slow.
    And not real bright. Maybe.
    But I followed the info in the " Self Help Information and Tips > Diagnostics and Fuel Injection Related > 00-03 HD Codes And Activation" sticky tip, and it works fine, kinda like an old jeep cherokee. Get a code 16, and go to the chart- Battery Positive Voltage. Even gives a page for a flow chart- page 9-60. But the page seems to be unavailable, and battery positive voltage is kinda vague. Anyone have any experience with this code, or even better, the trouble-shooting flow chart?
    I guess the 20 years I spent learning how to keep my panheads running right really ain't gonna help me anymore. I always had 3-wire bikes with magnetos, now I've got a 3000-wire bike.............
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    The code 16 on your bike is battery voltage high. Possible causes are a defective regulator, something going on with the stator.

    Best bet is to verify the battery volts with a meter to be sure and then do the diagnostics for the regulator and the stator which would tell you which is at fault. My guess is the regulator but usually replacing both would be the plan because when you replace only one of the parts, the other ususally fails soon after.

    You'll find both posts for testing the parts here.

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